About Griffin-X
Griffin-X was formed by Jim Griffin in 1998 and highlights his interest in creating tight, groove
orientated, instrumental rock/metal guitar music with lots of melodic solo work. The band has
recorded four independant CDs entitled "Songs From The Lair", "Brave New World", "Adrift"
and most recently "Mach 5". Jim is currently working on a new CD entitled “Above and
Beyond...” due to be released in 2010. Griffin-X music is listed on several MP3 and digital
internet based music sites such as None Louder, Reverb Nation, Garage Band, Sound Click,
Sonic Garden, iLike, and others.
Over the last 26 years, Jim has played guitar in several progressive metal and hard rock
bands in the South Texas area. Some of them are: In Ovo, Ovation, Morituri, Something
Shiva, Synjynce, Battery Park, Dorian Gray, The Unknown, Face First, Anacrusix, Gulliver
Dark, Bark Hard, and KnightMares.
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