Copyright © 2000-2010 Griffin Productions Information Recordings Griffin-X music is listed and can be heard on several MP3 and digital internet based music sites such as None Louder, Reverb Nation, Garage Band, Sound Click, Sonic Garden, iLike, and others. Jim is currently working on a new Griffin-X CD entitled “Above and Beyond...” due to be released in 2010. In addition to recording Griffin-X music, Jim has collaborated with Pastor Brad on various instrumental musical projects including “Heavenly Shred”, “Shredded Sweet”, and “Reshredded”.   Griffin-X Home Songs from the Lair Title: "Songs From The Lair" Year: 1998 Label: Independant ( Format: CD Brave New World Title: "Brave New World" Year: 1999 Label: Independant ( Format: CD Adrift Title: "Adrift" Year: 2001 Label: Independant ( Format: CD Mach 5 Title: "Mach 5" Year: 2003 Label: Griffin Productions Format: CD Listen: Groove Therapy Song: "Groove Therapy" Title: "Mach 5" Listen: Stream MP3  Listen: Inside the Beat Song: "Inside the Beat" Title: "Above and Beyond..." Listen: Stream MP3  Listen: Driver #9 Listen: Door Knocker Song: "Driver #9" Title: "Mach 5" Listen: Stream MP3 Song: "Door Knocker" Title: "Above and Beyond..." Listen: Stream MP3